English Language Classes

Our English language tutoring program is a program for middle school and high school students in El Cajon. This program aims to address the educational gaps in our community, while providing mentorship for the youth.

Arabic Languages Classes

The Arabic language classes are designed to teach children ages 5-13 how to read and write Arabic. Teachers and volunteers work closely with students to ensure a well-rounded learning experience focusing on culture, games, stories, and crafts.

Coding Classes

Our program introduces 11 to 14-year-old children to coding through simple games played on the computer. Based on the interest and response of children and their parents, we plan on expanding this program for older youth.

Sunday Park Program

Sunday Funday is a once a month program that involves outdoor activities with children and youth of recently resettled Syrian families. During the activities, we focus on offering art-based activities such as theatre, painting, writing, and storytelling workshops. We also do English learning activities for children and youth during the program. The program concludes with physical activity–sports games ranging from soccer to yoga. We feel that such communal activities provide a safe space for adjusting to the cultural stressors of resettlement and allow for community building.

Youth at our coding class.

Youth at our coding class.