The Family Refugee Council aims to foster community empowerment by providing tools and forum spaces to focus on helping Syrians navigate American society. We also aim to focus on the development of a self-reliant economy by supporting community business and projects. We will implement our strategic plan by meeting at K.B center. Additionally, our council will provide a forum where the community will meet by weekly for updates on legislative and governmental decisions that may impact our communities, and in order to communicate the rights and duties refugees have in their host society.

The Council promotes values of respect and valuing each individual’s freedoms and contributions to the community equally. The Council represents the refugee Community in San Diego and will begin the foundational work of constructing a democratic space to identify the problems and issues families face and work to alleviate them. Most importantly, the council will provide a space where recently resettled refugees can provide a respectful, culturally specific, effective network of support for community members struggling to navigate facets of American life.